Hummingbird Menu | Local food, freshly sourced each day


Care about the environment? Recognise the value of wholesome, locally sourced fruit and vegetables? Well so do we!

We buy most of our fresh produce from our neighbour, Marcos, the indigenous farmer who lives next door. Our eggs are collected from the happy, village free-range chickens and we make all our own bread. Our food is made with love and designed to nourish, satisfy and of course, taste fabulous.

Breakfast | 7-10am: 35Q

Option 1: Superfood porridge made with filtered water, a splash of milk (soya milk available) and stuffed with fruit, nuts, pumpkin / chia seeds and honey.

Option 2: Local free-range eggs served with fresh, toasted, homemade bread.

Deliciously organic, locally sourced Guatemalan coffee included.

Just Drinks | all day

Gourmet coffee (organic, locally sourced within 5 miles): 10Q

Seasonal, superfood smoothies: 25Q

Placeholder Image

Dinner | 7pm: 60Q

A typical dinner is a friendly, hearty affair here at Hummingbird – we love our food! If you’d like to dine with us, simply let us know by midday. You can expect:

  • A crisp, seasonal salad
  • A homemade dip (such as guacamole / hummus)
  • A generous main dish of vegan / vegetarian deliciousness (veggie chili, curry, pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa etc)
  • Rustic homemade bread



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