How to find Hummingbird Hostel

The dock at Tzusuna lake atitlan final.jpg

Hummingbird Hostel is located just five minutes from the dock at Tzununa (pronounced zoo-noo-na) and it’s easy to find.

Just jump on the boat (known locally as the ‘lancha’) from Panajachel (or anywhere on the lake) and tell the boat guy you’re going to Tzununa – it’s the stop next to San Marcos and he’ll shout out when it’s your stop. Expect to pay 15Q for the boat trip as you disembark.

Exit the dock and walk straight across the playing field, heading up onto the road that leads to the village, you’ll see a health centre (Centro de Salud) on the corner. Hummingbird Hostel is a 5-minute walk up the hill on the right-hand side. Here’s a handy Google map that you can save onto your phone and consult, even if you’re not online 😉

If you arrive during daylight, look out for the first small fruit & vegetable stall on your right, about 200 metres up the hill, after the Centro de Salud. We’re next door!

Top Traveller Tip: The last boat from Panajachel is 7.30pm. If you’re coming from Antigua, save yourself some horrible stress and take an early shuttle. In our experience, the 4pm shuttle can be fraught with delays and you may find yourself stranded overnight in Panajachel.

If you arrive on the last boat, it will be dark when you arrive in Tzununa, so just to make sure you can still find us easily, we’ll hang a red umbrella outside the entrance. You can also jump into a tuk-tuk if you’re tired and don’t fancy dragging all your luggage up the hill. Ask the driver to take you to ‘Casa Katarina’ or ‘The Yak’ (it’s the name of the bar that used to be located here) and expect to pay 10Q per person – double the 5Q daytime fare per person.

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